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  • Consolidate Your Loans And Credit Card Debts
  • Get Quick Money For Emergency Or Unexpected Expense
  • Start Or Expand Your Small Business
  • Have Income Or Property Tax Issues
  • Pay Down Debt and Increase Credit Score
  • Increase Credit Score = Lower Rate
  • Pay Down Debt and Increase Credit Score
  • Increase Credit Score = Lower Rate

GET BETWEEN $3,000.00 AND $30,000.00 IN AS LITTLE AS 2 DAYS

  • Quick And Secure Online Loan Application
  • One Manageable Monthly Payment
  • No Penalty For Early Repayment
  • Apply Today, Get Cash 48 Hours Later
  • Very Low Rates
  • No Appraisal, No Legal Fees
Homeowner Loan Loan Terms
Loan Amount $3,000.00 - $30,000.00
Interest Rate 8.99% (before fees)
Lending Fees 7.95%
Maximum Term 2 years
Maximum Amortization 12.5 years
Maximun LTV 85%
We are retired and had just renewed our mortgage, we couldn't refinance as we have no income. We called Sunlite Mortgage for a homeowner's loan and they said we could borrow with our house and we didn't need any income. We applied for a twenty-thousand-dollar loan and the money was in our account in 3 days.
W, Chin – Toronto
Our daughter was going away to school in another country and we had applied a few placed for a loan and was unsuccessful. Sunlite Mortgage got us the loan just as she was scheduled to leave. We didn't want to break our mortgage as the penalty would have been more than the loan we were looking for.
Molly A - Oshawa
Had a loan for a loan company and was paying four times the amount I was offered. Was a no brainer to take the lower payment with lower rates too.
Heather P. - Brampton