Home Ownership

Transition into home ownership comfortably, with helpful advice on mortgage management and home maintenance.  Call a Sunlite Mortgage Professional! 

Condo vs. Home Ownership

As part of the home buying process, you will have to decide on your dream home. Therefore ask yourself; do you prefer the privacy and independence of a single-family house? Or is the convenience of condominium living more appealing to you? Before deciding which option is right for you, understand the differences.

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Help Protect your Family and your Home

Home ownership is the start of an exciting new chapter in your life.

Help protect your family and your future home with affordable mortgage insurance. The Mortgage Protection Plan protects your mortgage in the event of; a death, disability or critical illness. Most importantly, learn more about why you should choose a protection plan, and how it may benefit you.

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Understanding Mortgage Default Insurance for High-Ratio Mortgages

Mortgage default insurance is required by the Government of Canada when home buyers are putting less than the 20% down payment. As a result ,this type of insurance reimburses mortgage lenders for losses caused by a mortgage default. The most common reason for defaulting is not being able to make your monthly mortgage payments.

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Our Sunlite Mortgage agents will walk you through the choices available and help you identify the most suitable mortgage protection or insurance for your current situation. All while looking at your short to long term goals. Call a Sunlite Mortgage agent today at 1.877.38LOANS and we will be happy to help you with a mortgage and mortgage protection.

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